Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HF Releases Rankings for Leafs Prospects

So the Rankings are out and they look just about right in my eyesFor those that aren’t familiar with these grades mean here is an explanation. The numbers beside a player’s name show how much potential a player has with 1 representing mediocre and 10 representing Crosbyesque skills. The letter (A-F) tell the reader how likely it is for the player to actually follow through on their potential, thus A would represent almost certainly will reach potential and F represents“he should choose another sport perhaps”.

Maple Leafs Top 20 at a glance

1. (NR) Nazem Kadri, C – 8.0 C
2. (NR) Jonas Gustavsson, G – 7.5 B
3. (3) Mikhail Stefanovich, C – 7.5 C
4. (18) Tyler Bozak, C – 7.5 C
5. (6) Viktor Stalberg, LW – 7.5 C
6. (4) Jimmy Hayes, RW – 7.0 C
7. (NR) Kenny Ryan, RW – 7.0 C
8. (NR) Jesse Blacker, D – 7.0 C
9. (5) Chris DiDomenico, C – 7.5 D
10. (NR) Christian Hanson, RW – 6.5 B
11. (9) James Reimer, G – 7.0 C
12. (8) Dale Mitchell, RW – 6.5 C
13. (NR) Jerry D’Amigo, LW – 6.5 C
14. (14) Phil Oreskovic, D – 6.0 B
15. (16) Jerome Flaake, LW – 6.5 C
16. (11) Matt Frattin, RW – 7.0 D
17. (13) Joel Champagne, C – 6.0 C
18. (NR) Carl Gunnarsson, D – 6.0 C
19. (NR) Robert Slaney, LW – 6.0 C
20. (NR) Jamie Devane, LW – 6.0 D

Nazem Kadri as expected is topping the list and rightly so cause he certainly is our best prospect right now. According to HF Nazem Kadri has excellent potential and is quite likely to follow through on it. It’s also interesting to see Gustavvson high up on the list, to be specific he’s second with a rating of 7.5B. He seems to have a great shot at reaching his potential according to HF that is. We have quite a good batch of youngsters in the cupboard and that can only bode well for the future of our beloved team. We may have a lack of top 6 talent in our team right now, but there certainly is a good batch of youngsters who could become top 6 forwards for the Leafs in the near future.

None of the ratings were over the top and I thought they were well thought out and pretty much on the spot. Burke has done a good job in replenishing what was quite a pathetic prospect pool, and has turned into one where we could actually be hopeful of a bright future offensively and defensively.


Bester30 said...

So Burke has just said that he is no longer looking at the free agent market but looking at trading some of the depth on the blue line for a forward. Obviously there are teams that need some help clearing up their cap issues, but who do we have to trade on D to get a decent return? Komi, Beauchemin, Schenn and Kabs are assumed off the block, and with what we have left, what could we possibly get in return, even considering taking back salary to the our cap? Any ideas?

leaffan1989 said...

Since its obvious that aside from gustavvsson and possibly bozak and hanson all the guys will still be developing, our need for high end forwards won't be fulfilled internally for atleast 2 years. So our immediate need has to be fulfilled via trade and ideally through our D and without giving away any prospects and/or draft picks. With this in mind, we would have to keep our expectations fairly low and talk back a lot of salary for a top six. Many of the high priced forwards from Chicago or even Horton from Florida fit the bill. Bergeron from the bruins but i would not want him as he's another van ryn.

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